"The Power of the Unspoken was a wonderful workshop, filled with plenty of useful information. We had the chance to practice what we were told, so I walked away with that wonderful "yes I can!" feeling, and a better understanding of how to control the non-verbal messages in my presentations."

Ryan Sutherland, Team Leader of Technical Support, OCLC.

"After being really impressed with Ha's winning performance at the Toastmasters District 73 Humourous Speech Contest, I was delighted to get her input on my own speech. She didn't disappoint. Ha's feedback was focused, constructive and insightful, and really helped me engage my audience and fine-tune my pacing, staging, gestures and facial expressions. I would happily recommend her to anyone who wants to work on the crucial non verbal aspects of their public speaking."

Dr. Fiona Swee-Lin Price, Director, Globalise Consulting.

 "Ha is absolutely amazing. She has an incredible energy and drive, which I have witnessed several times during her speech contest preparations. Ha displays a willingness to stretch herself, take on feedback, try something new, and ultimately give it her all. This was demonstrated when she won first place in the Toastmasters 2016 District 73 Humourous Speech Contest. This is a huge achievement, with Ha competing at four levels of competition from a pool of approximately 3,500 other entrants. 

Ha brings enthusiasm, dedication and a willingness to share her knowledge and skills with others. She inspires those around her by showing that they too can achieve amazing things if they give it their all."

Tracy Green, 2015-16 Toastmasters District Director (Vic, SA, Tas) 

"I attended Ha's workshop The Power of the Unspoken...and I was very lucky to have Ha help me prepare for a humourous speech competition. Both the workshop and the individual sessions were great for me. 

The combination of Ha's natural ability to work with people and improve delivery makes her a very effective coach...Ha was very, very good. She listened to, and watched my speech, suggested where I could include more pauses, what to add and leave out, and why. After a few run-throughs, I was prepared and my speech won the Area competition. People who had seen both the Club and Area versions of my speech commented that the Area version was much more polished, so my thanks to Ha for that. 

I would recommend Ha to anyone who wants individual coaching, presentation on public speaking, or a combination of both. She has good working knowledge of public speaking and is very good at drawing out great performances."‚Äč

Steve Graves - Winner, Toastmasters Area 16 Humourous Speech Contest.